King Ollie

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End Of Term One

Tt’s the end of the term already! The term has been Amazing, but it went so quickly, here are few sporty highlights for  term one. Twilight sports was a ripper I got through to the next round for two events 800 and 200  and I also  love Inter school athletics was my main highlight and…

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Up Cycling

What happens with our rubbish, where does it go? to a hole a house no it goes the dump thats where all our rubbish is!, you all know recycling right, well a few decades ago,  there was no such thing as recycling it all went to the dump or the landfill,a lot of stuff just…

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The Plane 100 Word Challenge

Then when I looked out the plane window, I saw thousands upon thousands of of bears each bear had a pet guinea pig that had wings that made the bears fly  I yelled out of the plane window two of the bears respond one said my name is Bob and the other one was named Jimmy I…

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