King Ollie

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Have you ever thought of living on the street, well people around the  world have to do that every day,usually the outcome can be horrible,so this is the topic think I Will be discussing about… there are over 105,237 people living in homelessness in Australia more than half are under the age of 25, while…

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Sovereign Hill!!

                                         On Friday all the seniors went to Sovereign hill I thought it was amazing because we got to learn about Australia’s famous history,and discover all the cool facts about the gold rush and how you…

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Immigration Museum

I think this excursion was very successful, because every Lessons were different and unique as some were outside and the other inside,which made  everything a lot smoother because we weren’t repeating any work. Outside, we got to see Yarra river awesome sculptures,we also went down colleen street and we even saw subway. instead of seeing picture…

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