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Good Blog Post W9

Today I’m going to show you what makes a good blog post. You’ve got to have a catchy title to try and lure the reader into reading your post.  Try to include photos, cartoons or videos if possible to try and  give them an idea for what is happening. In my opinion these ideas makes a…

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a  German born theoretical physicist  he was born in Ulm, in the Kingdom of Wuttemberg on march 1879, though being German he family was Jewish, but six weeks after his birth his family moved to Munich where he began his schooling at Luitpold Gymnasium where had received advanced primary and high school…

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Monopoly W7

Name: Monopoly Made : 1935 By: Elizabeth Magie Players: 3 – 8 Facts: the game was based on Atlantic City (New Jersey) More than one billion people have played monopoly world wide. The original Monopoly sold for around $2.    

Food And Culture W6

In Australia there are is big verity of different food some of which being Vegemite,Tim Tams,Burger Rings,lamination and Snags (Sausages). In Australia the top sports are AFL and Cricket and not far behind the there is Football (Soccer).    


Copyright Issues W5

Using some one’s photo or video with out there permission is referred to as stealing, if you give a photo or video to a friend or you sell it, they now own it so that means they can make as many copy’s as they like. But if you uploaded this photo or video to your…

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Comments W3

So for this weeks challenge I posted a comment on Welcome To Angelo City. here’s the link Angelo’s blog (Welcome Angelo City)  

Avatar W1

What  I used : I picked France as the background because it’s one of my favorite country’s, and I picked the Juventus kit because I love soccer.

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