King Ollie

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My Buddy

My buddies name is Lucas his favorite color is green his favorite thing to do is play soccer he also likes to play with Lego. he enjoys drawing inside the classroom he supports Richmond and likes like Neymer jr and Messi.


It’s 2016 finally and it’s my final year at school so that’s something to look forward to, I’ve got a brand new class and with Mrs Grieve and Mrs Inglese being the head of the class.   It’s half decent, on a nice day, I get around with most of my class mates and it’s…

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Zika Virus

What’s The Zika virus? Well it’s a world wide disease and it’s spreading throughout some of the worlds top countries it’s targeting mostly tropical places such as Brazil and Colombia it’s already spreed to 30 countries, it originated in Uganda 70 years ago in 1947, where scientist found a monkey with the virus in Zika…

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Mulga Bill

There was a boy called Mulga Bill, he likes to go on bike craze they call him the two wheeled outlaw well that what  everyone says, d’oh! he says he don’t like to blow he reckons he’s the best though so we’re gonna get that old man have a run for his money we sent…

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Have you ever thought of living on the street, well people around the  world have to do that every day,usually the outcome can be horrible,so this is the topic think I Will be discussing about… there are over 105,237 people living in homelessness in Australia more than half are under the age of 25, while…

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Sovereign Hill!!

                                         On Friday all the seniors went to Sovereign hill I thought it was amazing because we got to learn about Australia’s famous history,and discover all the cool facts about the gold rush and how you…

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Immigration Museum

I think this excursion was very successful, because every Lessons were different and unique as some were outside and the other inside,which made  everything a lot smoother because we weren’t repeating any work. Outside, we got to see Yarra river awesome sculptures,we also went down colleen street and we even saw subway. instead of seeing picture…

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Punctuation Lesson

A full stop:  used at the end of a sentence or an abbreviation. Apostrophe: use indicate either possession. Exclamation mark: indicating an exclamation.


Week 4 Globally Event

I think there should be a grand annual kids soccer tournament,    where 28 teams of 14 players all from Melbourne, clash at Monash reserve for a  5 day tournament.   The regeneration per player cost $45.00 to raise awareness for the Refugees & the poor. per game cost $10.50 Items needed : pillow, sleeping bag,…

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